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The were you doing a shoulder work your triceps are going to certainly a be involved okay but if you wanna again if you want to get bigger triceps you're going to want to vote your workout they worked out towards your china says so just doing all come to work which I’ve seen people say a lot this is not going to try it's not a meaniesometimes you have to do a little bit more direct work if you want to try and get a specific body part or more muscle group to respond I mean that really is forms and the foundation of our TNT series you know which we have some specific targeted workouts that go towards a specific muscle groups that might be lacking or slow to grow you targeted you work on that you include that with your regular program at you're able to provide that overload that you might not be getting based on your other compound lives or the other parts are here you're lifting program really pushing workouts so it's a weak muscle is specificallyeurozone needs a little bit more its work because your it might be causing you to complicit with the stronger partner that motion so chest and shoulders will dominate rice it’ll stay I in the back.


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